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How To Analyze Website Loading Speed Data on generates a detailed report of website loading speed by analyzing that report you can aware of all points that help to increase website speed more easy way.

  • Screenshots
  • The first part of the website speed checker shows the website loading screenshot, it is capturing all the screenshot from start to end and give the true idea of loading speed.

  • Lab Data
  • Lab data shows an individual speed tracking each section of the website, first content paint, content reading time, page interactive time and user experience delaying time in milliseconds. So you will get a complete idea of website speed.

  • Properly size images
  • This is the most important part of the website analysis that is showing images that need to change that you can compress and increase the website loading speed, It is showing the current size of the image and expected compression size of the image.

  • Remove unused CSS
  • When you have developed a website then it contains CSS, JS, Images and other files but some CSS and JS have been used but do not affect the website that needs to remove to increase the website speed. Here on, we give a list of unused CSS and by removing that you can reduce unnecessary bytes consumed by network activity.

  • Minify CSS
  • As described above your website has CSS files that are currently active that take too much time to load, so here at, we generate a list of CSS files that you can minify.

How Speed Affects Your Website?

If you want to win the heart of the customers and search engines, website speed is considered a vital point for the business. How speed is affecting? Let me give the real example, if you are the buyer and searching for a product or services on the internet what would you do, you will try to visit two or more websites to get the best one but at that time when you open the first URL and when it taking too much time to load then you will try to visit the second URL, right? That is how customer redirects to another competitor website and you get a customer loss. Same way when someone visits your website from search engine and when it takes too much loading time then visitors again would go in search engine and try to open second URLs and that is how it generates negative impressions on the search engine’s mind and affecting in SEO. Therefore website loading speed is considered a vital point.

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