Compress JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF Images (100% Free)

ToolFear Image compressor allows compressing JPEG, JPG, PNG or GIF Image compression up to 10 KB

How ToolFear Image Compression Works??

  1. Choose or Drag Images up to 30 Images (JPEG, JPG, PNG)
  2. Choose Compression Level ( Choose 100% if you want to compress at lowest size)
  3. Click on Compress Now Button
  4. Finally Download Zip File or Individual Images

Why Use ToolFear Image Compression Tool?

  • ToolFear Image Compression Software More Secure than any other compressor (we are not storing any image or other details)
  • ToolFear maintain the original quality of the image
  • ToolFear is 100% Free Online Image Compressor
  • Toolfear gives more flexibility so decrease image size as much as possible
  • ToolFear gives the best image size possible so you can use to increase website speed and SEO purposes
  • Toolfear Gives the option to download Zip file after compressing so use for the email, upload or any other important purposes

Why Image Compression is Important?

  • Low size images save more space, Storage, Bandwidth
  • Some devices such as cameras, CD Drive, mobiles take a high loading time for high pixels images so it would be a better option to use compressed images
  • It must be necessary to use low size images several specific form or task, For example, when you fill any online form on government or other websites then it will be mandatory to use specific pixels, and size at that time image compression tool be an essential part.
  • More important, compressed images increase the loading speed of your website that is more important for SEO.

What is the best Image Compressor Tools Online?

We know any person needs an image compressor tool to compress the images for any reason like to save the space of mobile, to fill the online application form, increase website speed or for any personal usage. Although, there are hundreds of tools available to compress the images online, but are you sure it will make your compressed images same as original, no! there is not any accuracy. So One of the best ways to compress images is Toolfear Image compressor, here you can compress the images and decrease the size up to 10 KB. Just upload or drag the images and check out the result.

How to Increase website Speed By Compressing Images?

What is website speed? if you are a technical person or an SEO expert then you may be aware of it. Don't worry, if you are not! Website speed is a loading time when a visitor opens a website and time taken to complete the website loading. Website speed is more important in the SEO to grow business on the search engines. However, several factors are affecting the website speed, one of them is the images. If you compress the images then 40% to 50% website speed will be increased, depends on the website. Here we have given steps to increase website speed by compressing images.

  1. First check out the website speed:
  2. After analyzing website speed on ToolFear or other speed checker tool, you need to find all the images using high bandwidth.
  3. After listing high bandwidth images, compress them on the Toolfear image compressor tool.
  4. Now, again upload the compressed images on your server, remember to save images with the old image name otherwise it will show an error.
  5. Now, it's time to verify speed by checking website speed on the speed checker tool.
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